Crossover Health Acquires Sherpaa Health Virtual Primary Care Platform

February 26, 2019
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SAN CLEMENTE, CA – Feb. 26, 2019 -- Crossover Health, a leading provider of comprehensive health services for self-insured employers, announced today that it has acquired the exclusive rights to the technology platform developed by Sherpaa Health, the pioneer of virtual primary care. Founded in 2012 by Jay Parkinson, MD, MPH, Sherpaa has developed a wide employer and retail member base across the United States and is the leading provider of asynchronous communication between patients and providers. The announcement is part of Crossover Health’s efforts to accelerate the creation of a seamless “in person, online and anytime” system of health for its national base of self-insured employers and their employee members.

“We have long admired Jay for his creativity, strategic design and thought leadership,” said Crossover Health CEO and co-founder Scott Shreeve, MD. “It will be a privilege to work together to accelerate Crossover’s longstanding vision to design and deliver technology-enabled primary care throughout the country.”

Sherpaa, which is highly complementary to Crossover Health’s mission of patient engagement, was designed to enable ongoing relationships with members, particularly those without access to physical health centers. In addition to virtual care, the Sherpaa platform also includes Care Navigation and Care Management capabilities, including the development of a curated network of specialists in remote geographies and structured care plans that can be prescribed to members.

“So much of primary care is communication, which is built on a foundation of trust,” Dr. Parkinson said. “The ability to leverage the trust achieved by Crossover Health in its physical health center model, and seamlessly to extend that trust through the digital practice capabilities of Sherpaa, creates a singular care delivery vehicle able to offer primary care anywhere.”

Crossover Health’s designated interdisciplinary care teams provide comprehensive primary care for defined populations of members and will now be able to expand their reach dramatically with this new offering. Services will be offered through a multi-channel delivery solution that includes onsite, nearsite and virtual care options integrated with other employer benefits, digital health programs, and related health services.

Bringing together Crossover, the innovation leader of physical onsite and nearsite health centers, with a frontrunner in digital primary care creates a compelling end-to-end healthcare offering for employers. The evolving Crossover Health care model will now be able to provide care in strategic locations, asynchronously connect with members wherever they are, and proactively reach out to those who may need assistance. This new category of primary care creates a coordinated, connected system of health for employees in all their disparate locations.   

“With the addition of the Sherpaa technology to our portfolio, the Crossover platform can now offer a consistent high-touch experience and differentiated clinical outcomes to any member anytime, anywhere in the United States,” commented Crossover Chief Strategy Officer Karoline Hilu, MD. “We see this partnership as the first of many opportunities to integrate critical digital health features into our membership-based primary health service.”

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Crossover Health is creating the next-generation primary health system in partnership with the nation's most innovative employers. Crossover provides an end-to-end care delivery model for health activist employers, integrating disconnected health and wellness benefits with tech-enabled, outcomes-based primary care services through onsite, nearsite, and virtual care delivery channels. This approach lowers healthcare costs while improving quality and delivering an unrivaled patient experience as demonstrated by industry-leading net promoter, engagement, and patient satisfaction scores. Crossover is proud to be based in San Clemente, CA, home to some of the best surf breaks on the west coast.