Date of Investment

Crossover Health

Crossover Health designs and delivers a unique employee care experience for companies that understand the financial and cultural return of a healthy, motivated workforce. Crossover Health is a medical group and a management service that combines exceptional member experiences with advanced population health capabilities through a comprehensive primary health offering. The company works closely with client partners to optimize the benefit design, customizing health services based on a review of health analytics and then collaborating on the delivery of an inspired patient experience. Crossover Health is behind a transition from outsourced, out-of-control health spending to an insourced, accountable and designed platform of care. This approach enables significant reductions in costs while improving the quality of care by encouraging members to take ownership of their health while achieving their health objectives. Crossover Health is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, and currently operates centers in the Bay Area, Austin, San Antonio and Boston, with plans to expand in Southern California, Dallas, Chicago and New York.

Gurnet Point Capital invested $92m in Crossover Health in December 2016. As part of the investment, GPC's Chris Viehbacher and George Montgomery have joined the company's Board of Directors.