Date of Investment

Boston Pharmaceuticals

Boston Pharmaceuticals is a new drug development company that offers an innovative model of partnering with academic, biotech and biopharma groups to develop new medicines by acquiring clinical assets at various stages of their development. The company is led by Chris Viehbacher, who is its Chairman, and by Dr Robert Armstrong, the former head of external R&D at Chorus (Eli Lilly), its CEO.

The company does not have any bias as to the therapeutic areas in which it specialises. In working to launch products that are at an early stage of their development, it assumes the inherent risk, thereby creating value for patients by making possible potentially breakthrough solutions for complex diseases that might not otherwise make it to market. The company’s significant capital resources, the insight of its leadership team and its long-term investment horizon mean that it can focus resources towards this mission in a unique way.

Boston Pharmaceuticals was launched in November 2015 by Gurnet Point Capital with a $600 million commitment.