Engaged partnership. A long-term view. The essentials for transformative growth in life sciences.


Gurnet Point is all about Transformation.

We partner with life science leaders who have the vision and drive to transform their businesses.

Those leaders are born risk-takers. Original thinkers with big ideas and bigger ambitions. Explorers who question the status quo. They are driven to succeed and are uncompromising in their quest to make things happen, even if the solutions aren’t easy or obvious.

They are leaders who know when they need a catalyst to achieve transformational growth.  They seek a partner who shares their long-term vision and strengthens it with financial resources and commercial expertise, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them for as long as it takes. One who speaks their language and has a history of building successful life science businesses in their own right. A like-minded team committed to helping them realize their vision.

That’s what Gurnet Point Capital is all about: Being that partner for a select group of life science leaders ready to link their passion with success.


The Lighthouses of Gurnet Point


For more than 120 years, the twin lights at Gurnet Point helped mariners sail with confidence.

In 1803, twin 22-foot lighthouses were built at Gurnet Point, north of Plymouth, Massachusetts to help facilitate navigation through the area’s treacherous waters. In that era, twin lighthouses had an important advantage over a single structure: by working in concert, they provided range markers that guided ships safely and kept them on course.




Gurnet Point
Gurnet Point

Growth Buyout:
Transformational Growth for Established Businesses

We look for life science companies that:

  • Generate revenue or are cash-flow positive.
  • Offer a compelling value proposition to patients and systems.
  • Are capable of being a leader in their field.
  • Are committed to transformative growth.

For Growth Buyout investments, we focus our efforts, expertise, and resources on a handful of established businesses. We work primarily with life science companies, particularly therapeutics and medical technologies. Our long-term, active investing approach gives our management teams the latitude to set a course for and execute on their most ambitious goals.

Transformational Capital for Growth Buyout

Market forces can limit a company’s ability to take action. The options are typically too expensive, take too long, or appear too unrealistic. Gurnet Point helps companies power through those obstacles.

Growth can come from product bolt-ons, acquisitions, or market expansion. We work hand in hand with management teams, infusing the company with the resources necessary to grow and fortify the business for years to come.

Because we limit the number of Growth Buyout investments we make, we can be very flexible in the size and structure of our involvement — although our time horizon is always long-term. Here are some rough guidelines:

  • Investments range from double-digit millions to $1 billion or more.
  • We prefer simple equity structures, when appropriate. If simple is not the right option, we can structure more complex arrangements.
  • We seek meaningful stakes and, in most cases, buyouts of companies.


The Gurnet Point Capital Value-add:

We provide capital, ideas, and commercial expertise to a select group of life science companies that have the drive for transformational growth and the courage to pursue it.

Who we work with:

  1. Venture-stage companies with promising scientific innovations.
  2. Growth- and buyout-ready opportunities with revenue and potential.

What we believe

Breakthrough science, change-driven management, patient investing and commercial guidance are the keys to growing a successful life science company.

How we do it

We engage.
When it comes to finding business partners, we go deep, not wide. We limit our scope to a select group of companies that we wholeheartedly believe in, and give them the time and attention they need to convert promise and passion into real momentum.

We persist.
Success in life sciences and health care is not confined to a three- or five-year business cycle. That’s why we provide patient capital—we’re long-term investors who give management the time and space needed to effect industrywide change.

We see the end game.
We are successful life science business builders. We’ve taken new ideas through to commercial markets, grown companies and opened new markets. Our real-world expertise gives our partners the edge they need to realize the full potential of their vision.


Venture Capital:
Transformational Growth for Great Ideas

We look for life science enterprises that:

  • Apply a novel or disruptive approach to therapeutics, health information or medical technology.
  • Use proprietary technology grounded in rigorous science.
  • Address current and future needs of end users and patients.
  • Are driven by passionate people committed to leading their field.

We believe in entrepreneurs who have a passion for building early-stage companies. And we share the courage it takes to think big and embrace the challenges of transforming those visions into viable businesses.

In Venture Capital investing, we focus on individual ideas, companies, and teams, and the unique value proposition they offer. And we’re in it for the long haul. With our global perspective and knack for pulling great ideas into the market, we can be a partner for companies at any point in their life stage.

Transformational Capital for Venture Investing

Our Venture Capital Investment approach does not consider the “portfolio.”

Instead, we think of each venture commitment as an individual long-term investment. We take an active investment approach and can be flexible in the size and structure of our investments, tailoring each one to management’s specific objectives.

That said, here are some rough guidelines for our Venture Capital Investing:

  • Investments range from $500K to upwards of $20M in seed and traditional venture rounds.
  • We offer equity and structured investments.
  • We can lead and participate in syndicated financings.



Growth Buyout
Growth Buyout
Venture Capital
Venture Capital

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